Trip To Iceland

My childhood dream was to visit Iceland because of all of the amazing pictures that I had seen in our textbooks, it looked truly amazing! Once I landed a great career I contacted a travel service and purchased two airline tickets for 50% off. I took my escorts in Nottingham companion along with me for the awesome experience.

Once we arrived I ended up getting a room at Hotel Borg and it only cost roughly about $200.00 per night. The nightlife was fun and it was only $4.00 per beer so I was nice and buzzed the entire time that I was on vacation. The Nasa club was hard to stay out of because they had some great live bands playing daily and a spacious dance floor! I never wanted to go to bed because there is always daylight and my sleep schedule ended up being all confused. My favorite part of the trip was the in-water massage that we received and all my aches and pains where gone, just like that!

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