Sharana Navratri – Celebration of Goddess Shaktis

Navratri, a Hindu festival, is meant to provoke the Goddess Shakti and to seek her blessings. Navratri is celebrated for nine days and nights and the word Navratri literally translates to ‘vava’ which means nine and ‘natri’ which means night. Although there are multiple Navratri festivals that take place throughout the year, Sharana Navratri is celebrated during the Hindu Sharad season (September/October), and places emphasis on the slaying of demon Mahishasura by Goddess Durga. Shakti’s many forms of power, or cosmic energy, are celebrated on different days of celebration along with good hindi phone sex. On days one through three she is worshiped as Goddess Druga, then she is worshiped in the next three days as Goddess Lakshmi. Finally, on the last three days she is worshipped as Goddess Saraswati. Sharana Navatri is considered the most important of all Navratri celebrations, but all have one thing in common. They symbolize the triumph of good versus evil.

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